Paul 'Bedi' Bedford

(Part owner and coach)

I come from a football background and have played it at a decent standard all my life until recent years when work and my love for training has taken priority since passing my degree. My Life since passing my degree has been all about health and fitness, personal training exercise classes and testing my physical skills. I came across CrossFit a couple of years ago and have never looked back, it has everything I need to push myself to my limit, the best way to train. I loved it that much I talked my business partners Dan and Dave into opening a box with me. I am a guy who hates weakness but has come to terms with the fact that I have them I hate being upside down with my long limbs I’ve spent many days throwing my skipping rope at the window practising double unders. But I am a patient man who works hard to get the maximum out of people and build trust with them in order to help achieve their goals. I own a successful personal training business with Dan called Physique Personal Training and Classes and have many stories of success with my cliental. I have been a trainer for 8 years now gaining lots of qualifications and recently obtained my crossfit qualification. I have achieved some great things in life so far but running a marathon was my hardest physical achievement, but my favourite was performing 1800 keepie uppies for charity without dropping the ball.

Telephone. 07850 039672


— CrossFit Coach Level 1
— CrossFit Masterclass London
— CrossFit Weightlifting Course
— NASM level 3 Personal Trainer
— Degree (hons) Health related fitness
— Kettlebells (premier training)
— Advanced Nutrition level 3 (Premier Training)
— F.A. Level 1 coaching
— Boxercise Class and Pads training (Coached by David Haye)

Daniel 'Pat' Paterson

(Part owner and coach)

Since getting my degree in P.E. I decided that it was adults that Ii wanted to teach, not children. I have always loved health and fitness so decided to get a Personal Training Qualification too. Since then, I have worked as a personal trainer for the past 6 years and have loved every minute of it. I am a hard working, ambitious lad who will try anything once but I can switch off and have a good time too. As well as educating myself, I have taken time out to travel the world visiting Australia, South America and Asia along the way. I have been crossfitting for a while now and enjoy progressing my weaknesses; I love the metal taste you get in a WOD as it means I’m hitting my max.

I am a hard working person who is fully committed into everthing I do. I own a successful personal training studio with Paul and have been training clients there for the past couple of years. My major physical achievement is running the Amsterdam Marathon. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was a massive challenge so it was right down my street. I welcome you to CrossFit and to the Wakefield Box I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Telephone. 07595159202


— CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
— BA (Hons) Physical Education
— Padbox (CPD)
— Premier Kettlebell Training (CPD)
— Lvl 3 Personal Training (Active IQ)
— Lvl 3 Nutrition & Weight Management (GYQ)
— Lvl 3 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge (Active IQ)
— Olympic Weight Lifting for Fitness Professionals (OLF) (Optimal Life Fitness)

Dave 'Youngie' Young

(Part owner and coach)

Unlike Dan and Paul I don’t come from a fitness background; I am a master in mechanical production and engineering by trade. CrossFit is a total Hobby for me which I love to perform and coach to others. I started going to Paul’s classes where I progressed very quickly into a fitness fanatic and it became a hobby of mine. To train hard and also learn more. CrossFit has completely changed my physique and given me a new focus and career. Although I don’t have the experience and qualifications in fitness, I have a love to coach, helping other others to achieve things that they never thought they could do. I spend a lot of time educating myself and practising CrossFit to make me a better performer and coach. Chris Spealler is my hero; I love to watch seminars and coaching drills. Being upside down is one of my strengths and I coached Paul into doing HSPU. CrossFit is my life now, welcome to Wakefield CrossFit

I also build cars from scratch and have featured in magazines for my work. Although I have no big physical achievements, I will give anything a go and I give it all that I’ve got. I used my engineering skills to build, from scratch, the bar you kip on in the Box… enjoy.

Telephone. 07889136110


— CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
— Eliko Weight Lifting Qualification