Paul 'Bedi' Bedford

(Part owner and coach)

I come from a football background and have played it at a decent standard all my life until recent years when work and my love for training has taken priority since passing my degree. My Life since passing my degree has been all about health and fitness, personal training exercise classes and testing my physical skills. I came across CrossFit a couple of years ago and have never looked back, it has everything I need to push myself to my limit, the best way to train. I loved it that much I talked my business partners Dan and Dave into opening a box with me. I am a guy who hates weakness but has come to terms with the fact that I have them I hate being upside down with my long limbs I’ve spent many days throwing my skipping rope at the window practising double unders. But I am a patient man who works hard to get the maximum out of people and build trust with them in order to help achieve their goals. I own a successful personal training business with Dan called Physique Personal Training and Classes and have many stories of success with my cliental. I have been a trainer for 8 years now gaining lots of qualifications and recently obtained my crossfit qualification. I have achieved some great things in life so far but running a marathon was my hardest physical achievement, but my favourite was performing 1800 keepie uppies for charity without dropping the ball.

Telephone. 07850 039672


— CrossFit Coach Level 1
— CrossFit Masterclass London
— CrossFit Weightlifting Course
— NASM level 3 Personal Trainer
— Degree (hons) Health related fitness
— Kettlebells (premier training)
— Advanced Nutrition level 3 (Premier Training)
— F.A. Level 1 coaching
— Boxercise Class and Pads training (Coached by David Haye)

Daniel 'Pat' Paterson

(Part owner and coach)

I have been in the fitness industry and a personal trainer since 2007. Within this time I have worked at several leading gyms and worked under many top coaches and trainers. I have tons of CPD courses to further my knowledge of the industry so that I can develop into the best trainer I can be and will continue to do so. I have been self employed now since 2009 and have opened Physique personal training, Wakefield Crossfit and Millenia Fitness. I love the industry and I live and breathe what I do. I am eternally grateful for what CrossFit has done for my personal development both as a coach and athlete. I would recommend it to anyone.

— BA (Hons) Physical Education

— Padbox (CPD)

— Premier Kettlebell Training (CPD)

— Lvl 3 Personal Training (Active IQ)

— Lvl 3 Nutrition & Weight Management (GYQ)

— Lvl 3 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge (Active IQ)

— Olympic Weight Lifting for Fitness Professionals

Olivia 'Liv' Oldroyd


I grew up playing sports and totally excelled in them all. However when I started training with Paul, I was complete beginner and couldn’t even do one press up. I hated not being able to do everything and that’s when CrossFit became much more than just a hobby! Fast forward 3 years and I now have my dream job as a personal trainer and heavily involved in coaching at WCF. I’ve managed to obtain lots of qualifications with my most recent being CrossFit Level 1. Having started from the bottom as a complete beginner, I love having that understanding and being able to help! I have found that a little fun combined with being patient is the key to getting the best out everyone.


Nick 'Doyley' Doyle


Unlike the other coaches I haven’t worked in the Fitness Industry before discovering CrossFit. I completed my CrossFit Level One and co-founded West Yorkshire Police CrossFit, the first emergency service in the UK affiliate and have been coaching at WCF / Millenia for over a year now. I love to see the progress of the members, there is no better community and no better place to train – the atmosphere is infectious.

I now regularly compete in CrossFit completions to keep testing myself, to keep learning and to bring the best skills & knowledge as a coach!